​Intersection at DOK Artist Space

Featuring the work of both architects and fine artists, Intersection explores how each of these disciplines converses with the other and the influence of the built environment on both.

The exhibition, which examines the point at which the visual arts and architecture meet, is part of the 2017 Architecture Fringe which takes place across Scotland throughout July.

The exhibition includes works by James Basey, Rosie Brotherwood, Tamsin Cunningham, Rosalind Davis, Emily Moore, Mark Osborne, Megan Rea, Remi Rough, Paul Stallan, Charlie Stiven and Olivia Turner.

The show also features a live musical performance by HK2 and is curated by artist and co – director of DOK Artist Space,  Olivia Turner and Architecture Fringe co – producer Chris Dobson.

Intersection at DOK Artist Space, The Steel Shed, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh, until 16 July.

Mark Osborne, Passageway


Rosalind Davis, Echo Chamber


Emily Moore, Svømmestadion


Olivia Turner, G82 8SP

Feature image: Remi Rough, Infatuation


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