Landscape and Imagination is explored in Before We Were Even Dreamed

Taking inspiration form Robert MacFarlane’s book ‘The Wild Places’, two Edinburgh based artists, Rowan Paton and Andrew Phillips explore the relationship between landscape as visible presence and imaginal expression.

‘Landscape was here long before we were even dreamed. It watched us arrive.’  – Robert MacFarlane

Through related, yet distinct approaches to painting and drawing, a visual language emerges in the conversation between their respective work that connects the willed and bodily act of image making, to a dreaming of the land.

Rowan Paton’s work is primarily concerned with landscape, driven by a preoccupation with mark making in which language, colour and print characterise her work. She utilizes appropriated imagery to accomplish a sense of narrative, creating imagined spaces and environments which nod to the frustrations and anxieties of lived experience.

Andrew Phillips has lived in close proximity to the sea and South Downs, a landscape that has proved an inspiration throughout his life. Andrew relocated to Edinburgh in 2015, acting upon a long-held desire to be closer to mountainous landscapes, and the call of ‘the North’.

Phillips’ mixed media drawings explore landscape as an expression of the numinous. He uses fine mark making, and gestural application of pastel to underline the delicate intricacy & pure physicality that coincide in nature.

Before We Were Even Dreamed is open to the public from 27 May – 1 June 2017 at  Whitespace in Edinburgh.

Read our interviews with Rowan Paton and Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips

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