‘In the Pink’ attempts to circumnavigate the sense of being human

Ian Healy ‘In The Pink’,
Patriothall Gallery,
4 – 12 February 2017

In an attempt to circumnavigate the sense of being human, artist Ian Healy captures the idiosyncrasies, absurdness and comedy of life – with a sense of uneasiness and fragility.

This new exhibition of 20 works on paper opens at Edinburgh’s Patriothall Gallery on February 4th.

Speaking about the works, Ian Healy said, “Underlying narratives inform the works; I want to draw a viewer into some drama or comedy, into a scenario, maybe fear of being seen, fear of how to look and even fear of the unknown.

“I work from random imagery, anything that catches my eye. These images either get filed away or used immediately. The unstable technique of lines and blocks of paint tie into the uncertain notions I talk about. The expressive force of the medium and act seems the best way to me to express thoughts and notions I have, unlike anything else I have known. I guess I want to paint parodies and parables.”

Ian Healy’s work was featured in Fresh Paint magazine and he was shortlisted for the WW Solo Award in London in 2016. His work is in the collection of the Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork.

See Ian’s website and Instagram

Patriothall Gallery,
1 Patriothall, Edinburgh EH3 5AY

Ian Healy, The Nose

Ian Healy, Odd Shoes

Ian Healy, Nude in the Woods

Ian Healy, Falling Nudist

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