Marlie Mul confirms This exhibition has been cancelled

For her latest show entitled ‘This Exhibition Has Been Cancelled’ Dutch artist, Marlie Mul has requested there is no exhibition in GoMA Glasgow.

Mul’s conceptual gesture acts as a critique of what is displayed in museums and galleries and the process that leads to it being placed there. By removing traditional content and opening the space for public use, Mul hopes to encourage us to question the value and function of cultural institutions such as GoMA in contemporary society today.

Although there is no exhibition in the gallery, the public is encouraged to visit.  The only things visible are billboards that advertise the exhibition’s cancellation.

While the gallery is empty, GoMA hopes the local community will propose alternative uses for the gallery.  The public is invited to propose alternative uses for the space during the time that had been set aside for Mul’s show. This offers visitors a platform for creating their own in-gallery events and a chance to contribute to conversations that will develop in the space left by Mul’s cancelled exhibition.

Marlie Mul’s decision to cancel her exhibition at GoMA means that Gallery 1 will be empty from 26th of May until 29th October 2017. 


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